Regulation of 2024 The 7th West Lake International Documentary Festival

This regulation is applicable to 2024 the 7th West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF 2024) including IDF Competition, Glory of Documentary Screening Section and IDF Forum.


1. West Lake International Documentary Festival


1.1 About IDF

West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF) is a high standard platform for the arts and the humanities that promotes documentaries through competition, forums, screenings, pitching and workshops, which is held by the side of West Lake, Hangzhou during every golden autumn. IDF stands for “I-Documentary-Fact” and aims to explore the relationship between documentary creation subjects, objects, and methods.

The 1st West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF2017) was held in April 2017 with the annual theme of "Things & Sentiment". 26 documentaries from eight countries on three continents have been screened and more than 300 documentary professionals attended the festival. IDF2018 was held in October 2018, with the annual theme of "Epoch & Scope", attracted 453 documentaries from 51 countries on 6 continents in competition. More than 400 professionals, 5000 audiences gathered in Hangzhou. The annual theme of the IDF2019 is "Something & Somewhere". With larger social participation, IDF2019 received 632 documentaries from 61 countries on 6 continents and welcomed more than 10,000 attendees including special guests, industry guests as well as audiences. The 4th West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF2020), with the theme of Life, Lives, attracted 472 documentaries from 72 countries and regions on 7 continents. IDF arranged 22 online and physical Q&As during this special time. The 5th West Lake International Documentary Festival(IDF2021), with the theme of Perceiving, Knowing, attracted 562 documentaries from 73 countries and regions on 6 continents. 38 documentaries have been screened during the festival that attracted more than 10 thousand audiences. With higher international brand reputation, IDF has become one of the most academic, professional and international documentary festivals in China.
The 7th West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF2024) will be held from 25th to 27th December 2024 in Hangzhou, China, with three sections including IDF Competition, IDF Forum and Glory of Documentary Screening Section. IDF2024 will invite documentary filmmakers, production companies, distributors, scholars, press at home and abroad to visit Hangzhou to share the glory of documentary.

1.2 IDF’s mission


Embracing core values of innovation, pioneering spirit, academic rigor, and non-fiction cinema, IDF aims to unlock boundless possibilities as new technologies revolutionize documentary filmmaking. We believe that documentary is a medium ingrained in humanity’s wisdom of “observation and decision-making”. Our society serves as the best observation arena of this medium, where filmmakers, characters and audiences collectively shape its subjects.We cherish time and space captured within images, and appreciate inner thoughts and souls depicted therein. We champion documentaries as gateways to the real world, rather than mere replicas of reality. What matters is whether these gateways lead to new revelations and profound insights. We will delve into the intricate relationship between creating fictional content and documenting reality, and highlight their interplay and collision. This exploration will offer both filmmakers and audiences with greater freedom to interpret and envision reality, ultimately injecting new vitality into China’s documentary industry.




2. The 7th West Lake International Documentary Festival Sections

2.1 IDF Competition
IDF Competition is aimed to highlight outstanding documentary filmmakers, all the while encouraging documentary filmmakers to be curious and persistent on their journey of creation. The festival conducts an open call for submission and the recommendation by international film selection consultants. The submission opens to feature-length documentaries (60 minutes and above) and short documentaries (less than 60 minutes) completed after 1st January, 2023.
After two rounds of evaluation and selection, the outstanding documentaries will be shortlisted for IDF Competition of the 7th West Lake International Documentary Festival. The finalists will be evaluated by an international jury committee and compete for awards.
* for more details please refer to 【IDF2024】IDF Competition Call for Entries


2.2 Glory of Documentary Screening Section
Glory of Documentary Screening Section is curated by West Lake International Documentary Festival for the purpose of cultivating audience and focusing on excellent documentaries at home and abroad. The purpose is to focus on the screening of outstanding international documentaries and Q&A after the screenings, presenting the academic vision, cultivate documentary audience, arouse discussions of cutting-edge topics, and help documentaries infiltrate into people's life, so as to create a documentary art feast for the public. Based on different perspectives and motivations, this section has various themes. It presents in the way of "screening -- post-screening Q&A", presenting the spirit of "exploring the ontology of documentary, setting up youth experiment, holding people's heart high and creating oriental temperament".
2.3 IDF Forum
IDF Forum section consists of Academic Lecture, Academic Forum and Filmmakers Forum. It invites professional documentary filmmakers, cultural masters and industry investors from home and abroad. By the spirit of I Documentary Fact, it explores open, inclusive and forward-looking academic discussion and excavates ontological creation and frontier issues in documentary. IDF Forum aims at idea exchange and academic consensus based on I-Documentry-Fact among the global documentary community, stimulating documentary practitioners to repay people’s life the most sincere, avant-garde and professional actions.

3.IDF Awards

IDF Competition:
1)IDF Best Documentary                   
2)IDF Jury Award                   
3)IDF Best Chinese Documentary   
4)IDF Best Short Documentary     


4. Legal Liability Statement

To declare the work or proposal entering the 6th West Lake International Documentary Festival Competition, Screening and Pitching in 2024, it is obliged to ensure that the copyright or the agency distribution right of the work is obtained with the written authorization, and that the work has no copyright disputes (including Music and video images, creative texts, etc.). West Lake International Documentary Festival does not assume any legal liability arising from copyright and copyright issues of the works, and its legal responsibility shall be borne by the entrant. If the entries of the work are involved in a dispute or controversy over copyright, the organizing committee reserves the right to disqualify the nomination and claim back the awards and prizes.
For all submissions to competition and screening of IDF2024, the organizing committee claims the right of publishing and promoting their application materials, stills, posters, trailers and footage of no more than 3 minutes on public platform including IDF official website, prints, catalog, TV channels, Internet, mobile media, etc, and of using them in interview and promotional video. The organizing committee of IDF will delegate a third party to provide copyright service for non-commercial offline use after the event.
In the “Entry Form”, the entrant is required to accurately claim if the full or partial right of use is authorized by the original copyright holder to the IDF Organizing Committee. The IDF Organizing Committee takes the information registered through the “Entry Form” as the legal evidence of obtaining the right of use.

5. Right to Interpret

The Organizing Committee of the 7th West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF2024) reserves the right to amend this charter, rules, terms or other related conventions. The IDF Organizing Committee owns the final right to interpret on this charter without public discussion.



The Organizing Committee of the 7th West Lake International Documentary Festival

June, 2024