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The 6th West Lake International Documentary Film Conference (WLIDFC) will be held on November 24-26, 2023 at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China.


The annual theme of the 6th West Lake International Documentary Film Conference is "People", and the conference features three content sections: "West Lake Honors", "IDF Forum", and "Light of Documentary", This year's conference features three major sections: "West Lake Honors", "IDF Forum" and "Light of Documentary", where Chinese and foreign documentary authors, production organizations, distribution agencies, cultural scholars and media people gather at Xizihu, Hangzhou, to appreciate the light of the West Lake Documentary. With the Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art as the main venue, this year's conference organized three major activities, namely "West Lake Honors", "IDF Forum" and "Light of Documentary". The "IDF Forum" academic unit and the "Light of Documentary" screening unit were held. The "IDF Forum" academic unit organized 5 forums and lectures with nearly 4000 participants. In the "Light of Documentary" screening unit, a total of 38 documentaries were screened in 43 sessions, of which 21 documentaries were fully booked within 5 minutes, and 20 post-screening exchanges were held, with more than 7,000 viewers and more than 322,000 visits to the small program.


Among the documentaries screened at this year's conference, there were 3 world premieres, 7 Asian premieres, 12 Chinese premieres, and 6 mainland Chinese premieres. In addition to the documentary Elegies by Ann Hui, which was awarded the Grand Jury Prize in the New Generation Youth section of the Berlin International Film Festival, Kind Hearts, the best short film of the Berlin International Film Festival, Haulout, and Geographies of Solitude, which was awarded the Grand Jury Prize in the New Generation Youth section of the Berlin International Film Festival, Kind Hearts was awarded the Grand Jury Prize in the New Generation Youth section of the Berlin International Film Festival. Geographies of Solitude", "Mariner of the Mountains", "Innocence" and other documentaries that have been selected by many international film festivals such as Cannes, Venice and Berlin are also screened in this conference.

A total of 641 entries were received from 96 countries and regions across 6 continents for the "West Lake Honors" category. Among them, 284 are Chinese productions, 18 are Chinese-foreign co-productions, and 339 are foreign productions; among them, 351 are feature-length documentaries and 290 are short documentaries. A total of 15 documentaries were selected for this section, including 10 feature-length films and 5 short films, of which 1 is a world premiere, 3 are Asian premieres, and 9 are Chinese/Chinese premieres.

The VR section will be open all day during the conference. The first "IDF Open-Air Special Screening" was also held in Tongwu Village's Great Lawn Park, where Xu Xiaoming, Dean of the China Academy of Art's School of Film, serves as the Cultural Village Manager, so that the audience could enjoy the unique charm of movies being recreated in nature. A Y2K party was also held in conjunction with LoopyClub.

IDF Forum" academic unit organized three academic forums: "Asian Documentary Alliance Academic Forum", "International Women's Documentary Forum" and "Young Scholars Forum". Three academic forums and two academic lectures by renowned documentary scholars from home and abroad, Zhao Qianfan and Shi Jiepeng, were held in the "IDF Forum" academic unit. Among them, the "Asian Documentary Alliance Academic Forum" was convened by Chen Lingzhen, Professor of Film School of China Academy of Art and Director of China Film Institute of Higher Studies, Co-founder and Executive Director of CNEX, and member of the Oscar Selection Committee for Documentary Films, with the aim of promoting the development of Asian culture and international exchanges as the starting point, and endeavoring to promote the development of Asian Documentary Alliance. The conference invited participants from three continents to participate in the conference.

The conference invited 69 guests from 3 continents, including Russia, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, India and 12 other countries. 84 guests from the industry and 73 from the media were registered. There were 84 registered industrial guests, 73 media and 70 volunteers. During the conference, People's Daily, People's Daily Online, China News, Hong Kong Wenhui, China Blue News, Chao News, Art Newspaper and other media released nearly 20 articles of information related to the conference, IDF officials conducted 17 exclusive interviews, and the organizing committee of the conference interacted with the audience through microblogging, B-station, Xiaohongshu, Jittering Voice, video number and other social media platforms and released a total of more than 350 pieces of information.

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