IDF Forum

IDF Forum section consists of several sessions including academic lecture, academic forum and filmmakers forum. It will invite professional documentary filmmakers, cultural masters and industry investors from home and abroad. By the spirit of I Documentary Fact, it explores open, inclusive and forward-looking academic discussion and excavates ontological creation and frontier issues in documentary. IDF Forum aims at idea exchange and academic consensus based on I-Documentry-Fact among the global documentary community, stimulating documentary practitioners to repay people’s life the most sincere, avant-garde and professional actions.



Academic Chair:WANG Guofu,LIU Zheng,GAO Shiming,FAN zhizhong,ZHANG xianming,LI Xiaofeng,WANG Xiaolu .

If the medium is immortal - in what sense does an "ecocinema" exist?
Host ZHOU Jiali
Guest : JIANG Yuhui
Date : 2020-10-16 18:00:00
Address : Nanshan | Academic Lecture Hall
Introduction :

Ecomedia and ecocinema have been the focus of recent research. They aim to reflect and criticize in order to break through the narrative framework of environmental films and anthropocentric viewpoint, and then return to the media ontology of energy flow and circulation. However, ecocinema is still insufficient because it neglects the third stage of media evolution, that is, the convergent network. In order to counteract the increasingly spread of digital network,

ecocinema subsequently leads to at least three important developments. The first is the object-oriented aesthetic contemplation premised on alienation and distance, as proposed by Paula Willoquet-Maricondi. The second is the more extreme reductionist approach explored by post-humanist low-carbon cinema advocated by Nadia Bozak. The third is the dimension of trauma in the "immersive" experience suggested by Scott MacDonald. All of these developments aim to explore the possibility of "observe things from the perspective of things" and ponder on the relationship between "viewing" and "things".

Nietzsche and Nihilism
Host DONG Bingfeng
Guest : WANG Mingan
Date : 2020-10-17 19:00:00
Address : Nanshan | Academic Lecture Hall
Introduction :

Introduction: There are two types of nihilism, positive nihilism and negative nihilism. Nietzsche tried to overcome the latter with the former. This was an important part of the genealogy of morality. His ideas of eternal recurrence and over man were also brought up and reflected on in this context.

Post-truth Condition·Viral Spread of Information
Host ZHANG Xianmin
Guest : HU Yong
Date : 2020-10-18 19:00:00
Address : Nanshan | Academic Lecture Hall
Introduction :

Accompanied with the outbreaks and the responses of Covid-19 is a massive "infodemic", the prevalence of disinformation and conspiracy theories. The transmission mechanism of "infodemic" include tribalization caused by technology, the emergence of an emotionally driven society, the weaponization of information,

the "death" of professionals and information overload. There is no single solution to these problems. Thus an understanding of comprehensive factors of technology, media and human behavior is required.

What is Truth? What is Reality?
Host WANG Min-an
Date : 2020-10-17 13:30:00
Address : Nanyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art
Introduction :

This round table aims at a critical reflection or a metaphysical reconstruction of the general concept of truth or reality from a perspective of philosophy or the history of philosophy.

Image and its ideal of authenticity
Host YANG Yishu
Date : 2020-10-18 13:30:00
Address : Nanyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art
Introduction :

In this round table, we would like to reflect on the tradition of authenticity idealism in the general context of media research, and we will comb both the confrontation and the integration of formalism and realism in the traditional discourses of film theory against the new background of today’s image creation and reception.

The authenticity of images in the documentary
Host HU Yong
Date : 2020-10-19 13:30:00
Address : Nanyuan Conference Room, Nanshan Campus, China Academy of Art
Introduction :

Based on the specific experience and the individual perspectives of documentary filmmakers, we would like to explore the new methodological possibilities of constructing a different image reality.