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West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF) is co-hosted by Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television of Zhejiang Province and China Academy of Art, which has been held at the China Academy of Art, by the side of the West Lake in Hangzhou, from 18th Oct. to 20th Oct. 2018.


The 2nd West Lake International Festival within the theme of “Epoch & Scope” consisted of “D20 Nomination” Competition Section, “Glory of Documentary” Screening Section, “IDF Forum”, “IDF Pitching” “IDF Workshop” and IDF public events (opening ceremony, award ceremony, press conference, itinerant screening, etc. ), which is more complete on the sections, more international, more professional and more industrializing, covering awarding, forums, screenings, pitching and workshop.


IDF2018 attracted more than 400 professionals, 5000 audiences gathering at Hangzhou. IDF invited 278 guests from 10 countries on three continents (244 guests from mainland China, 6 guests from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan, 28 guests from overseas). 48 screenings including 25 sessions of Q&A with the director, attracted 8000 audiences (5000 audiences in Hangzhou). Opening ceremony and closing ceremony as the most important public events, attracted more than one thousand documentary professionals. Six hundred and fifty thousands of audiences watched the opening and closing ceremony through online live streaming. 78 medium issued hundreds of report of IDF2018 including LE Monde diplomatique, CCTV, China Daily, DOC China, Xinhua News, People.cn, The Beijing News, China News Service, ZJTV, Zhejiang International Channel, Zhejiang News Channel, Zhejiang Daily, FM88, FM101.6, AM810, HK01, Duowei News, directube, DeepFocus, Qiyu, Elemeet, Houchuang, which enhanced the visibility and reputation of IDF. Up to now, Baidu searches for the keyword “The 2nd West Lake International Documentary Festival”, the result is up to 2,820,000 entries compared with the first year of 11600 entries, the 2nd IDF has increased 243 times. If search for “West Lake International Documentary Festival”, about 6,080,000 entries can be found.


Under the careful guidance of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of P.R.China and the relevant ministries, under the leadership of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Zhejiang Province and the supports from universities, the 2nd West Lake International Documentary Festival has higher academic standards, more inclusive academic attitude, wider participation and more international brand reputation, which has become one of the most academic, professional and international documentary festivals in China, presenting a good Chinese brand and reputation effect in the world.


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