Submission Process

1. Required Materials

  1. Synopsis and director's statement (around 300 words)
  2. 1 poster, 3 to 5 film stills, JPG format (the pixel shall not be lower than 300 dpi)
  3. A recent photo of director, JPG format (the pixel shall not be lower than 300 dpi)
  4. Subtitles with time-codes in ".srt" or ".ass" formats or in ".doc" or ".txt" format
  5. Trailer (within 3 min): MOV or MP4 format, resolution no less than 1920*1080
  6. Documentary (no less than 1920*1080, no more than 3GB MOV/MP4 formats)

* Please name the file in the format of "Film Title - File Content". For example, "Film Title - Chinese/English Subtitles" or "Film Title - Director's Photo 1"

2. Submit to IDF Office

  1. If you prefer to submit the hard copy, please send the USB or Mobile Hard Disk Drive to IDF Office (Please mark “D20 Nomination" or "IDF Pitching”, project title, name of the entrant and the contact number).
  2. If you send cross-border materials through international express, please fill in customs declaration value within 10 dollars and mark “only for cultural purposes” and “no-commercial value” on the mail parcel.
  3. All sent materials must have paid the mailing fee and customs duties, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to reject the parcel. You can also deliver the hard drive to IDF Office in person (Please contact the organizing committee in advance to check the opening hour).
  4. All submitted materials will keep in the archive and won’t be returned.
  5. The organizing committee shall not bear the mailing cost and the insurance cost of the materials, nor shall it bear the responsibility for loss, error or damage of the materials caused by the mailing process or other irresistible factors.

* Mailing Address:

West Lake International Documentary Festival Organizing Committee, 308, Building 3, China Academy of Art, NO.352 XiangShan, Hangzhou, P. R. China

Postcode: 310024

Contact: Quincy(+86 13957997626)

Tel: +86 (0)571 87200617 

Fax: +86 (0)571 87200617 


3. Notification

  1. The entrant will receive the confirmation email in five working days from the organizing committee after processing the materials. Otherwise, it means the application has not been completed (incomplete information, required materials have not been sent or uploaded, etc.)
  2. All the entries of the "IDF Competition" will be selected after viewing and deliberation of the academic committee of West Lake International Documentary Festival. The organizing committee will formally notify the entrant by e-mail and announce the official shortlist.
Submit to IDF Competition