• Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime--
  • DirectorJiaming SU
  • Type of Work--
  • Producer--


Film synopsis: Many years ago, the coal mining industry of Shanxi caused environmental pollution. Many rural children were born disabled due to environmental problems. The huge unexpected expenses forced some families to discard these children. In Shanxi, Chen Tianwen and Guo Gairan adopted 39 disabled and abandoned babies like this in an otherwise wealthy family. They not only need to eat, but they also need to see a doctor. During the period, 22 children leaved the world, and the couple was almost exhausted, but they never gave up any of their children. "We will continue to take careof these children until the day when we can no longer take care of them." they said. From the winter of 2009 to now, Su Jiaming's team has been recording the story of this family in Shanxi. During the filming, he felt that his power was very small, so he started the "Huaer Fund" to help the children's medical treatment and growth. Finally, with the help of all sectors of society, children not only can see a doctor, but even have the right to receive education. Nowaday the children have been grow up, the camera film their changes and new problems that follow.


Jiaming SU is a producer and director, engaged in the film and television industry for more than 10 years (Worked at Zhejiang TV Station), screened works in many international film festivals. The documentary short subject "The Fading Flowers" won the best documentary and best short film at the Shanghai International Film Festival Telephone Short Film Competition, and the Beijing University Film Festival Short Film Competition (Jury Special Award), and set up the "Huaer Fund" to help poor and handicapped children; later, he founded Free Public Welfare Image, dedicated to using images to deepen the connection between people and promote better solutions to social problems.