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Happiness film
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime--
  • DirectorDu Fan
  • Type of Work--
  • Producer--


2020 is a special year, with the Novel Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. The owners of Plot 4 of The Unique Happy City, faced with unemployment and reduced income due to the coronavirus, have to moving into half-finished buildings in order to saving costs. Chen Yanchun is a single mother who is one of the owner that first moved in. Since her financial problems appeared serious, led her daughter to live with her and moved into this half-finished building that she bought seven years ago. Face the dilemma of all sides, Chen Yanchun mood is also close to collapse, but for her daughter and herself, she still chooses to look for her other kind of happiness.


Du Fan was born and grew up in Kunming. He majored in film and television directer at Yunnan University of The Arts. After graduation, he worked in television station for two years and then resigned and came to Beijing to become an independent director. He used to pay more attention to feature films, but later he became infected with the charm of documentaries when he came into contact with his friend's documentary project, and then he became deeply interested in documentaries.This is his first feature-length documentary.