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Dare to Grow up
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime35min
  • DirectorZHANG Lin
  • Type of WorkDocumentary series(4 Episodes)
  • ProducerHAN Xu, NIU Yun, XU Shaopei

It's the story of three teenagers looking for their internal drive to grow up. The 15-year-old Zhou Zi has excellent grades and once “led” the military training reform in the middle of high school. As the leader of the debate, he had a conflict with the teacher. Although he is a prominent figure on campus, he always fails in love. Whether his future career is to choose the history he likes or the integration required by his family, he almost collapsed on the eve of graduation. Chen Chuqiao was a 15-year-old  "poor student" in science. She transferred to the overseas class with the support of her parents. She released her creativity in writing, music, film and other fields. From a person with no sense of responsibility to a community leader, she believes that work is a companion that will never leave, but her family is not. Li Wenting, a 14-year-old county girl, feels pressured in an atmosphere of freedom on campus. She studied hard and steadily, and her grades gradually improved. She also learned awkwardly in a group dance to release her youthful charm. The expectations of her relatives are living a life of "ordinary people". Eight years later, they respond to the entanglement and struggle of youth growth and found the light to continue to move forward with a career choice, tribute work, and role changing.