QI Jiguang
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime25 min
  • DirectorWANG Xin,MAO Libo
  • Type of WorkDocumentary Series(5 Episodes)
  • ProducerWANG Xin

Humanistic documentary QI Jiguang from Zhejiang Satellite TV—digging the profound historical importance of heroic figures.

The documentary focuses on the anti-Japanese invasion experience of QI Jiguang, an eminent general in Ming Dynasty, in the south-eastern coast of China over 400 years ago. It is consisted of 5 episodes, Rising in the Army, Crisis from Japan, Recruiting Novice, Iron Army and Lord of Battle. From a unique perspective, the documentary adopted stop motion animation techniques to deeply dig the profound historical importance of the heroic figure QI Jiguang. Driven by endless reflection and constant inquiries, the creator of the documentary has been seeking for modern heroes in daily life. With the narrative merits of documentary, it presents the rich heritage QI Jiguang left for later generations and beyond.