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The Hidden Kingdoms of China
  • Country/Area of ProductionUSA, China
  • Language of DialogueChinese
  • Runtime44 min
  • DirectorBrian Leith
  • Type of WorkDocumentary Series(5 Episodes)
  • ProducerBo ZHANG

China’s vast landscapes and secretive animals have rarely been seen - until now. From its highest mountains and plateaus, to its thickest jungles and bamboo forests, The Hidden Kingdoms of China will reveal the wild side to China that few knew existed. Pandas, Tibetan Foxes in their hunting mode, the elusive Snow Leopard, Golden Snub-nosed Monkeys and Wild Elephants. These are just a few of the rarely seen animal characters that we will bring to the screen: Some of the most iconic, cute, enigmatic and amusing creatures on our planet. The Hidden Kingdoms of China is an intimate series revealing animals in rarely filmed locations. It will bring a secret China to life by taking our audience to new locations and following compelling and intimate stories.