Corn Corn
  • Country/Area of ProductionChina
  • Language of DialogueShanxi Dialect
  • Runtime60 min
  • DirectorZhang Huancai
  • Type of WorkFeature-Length Documentary
  • ProducerZhang Huancai
The idea of making corn flakes has been around for a long time, and we plant them year after year. Why not specifically create a corn flake? After making the short film of wheat, my thoughts suddenly became clear, or should I just follow the order of growth? Just like writing a narrative, this is my editing approach. I grew up eating corn paste, and there is a love for corn in my bones. You see, after planting the land, the corn seedlings come out, grow taller day by day, weed, fertilize, and water, and the corn grows up?.Finally, the stick was formed, and then we got busy and started harvesting, peeling, and hanging the bracts. Don’t say it yet. I always think that farmers hanging bracts is art. Look at the ones hanging on the wall, the trees on the bracts, and the stacks on the houses, all of which are golden and yellow in color, with different styles, all resembling golden sculptures. In fact, we farmers do art every day. Do you think planting corn in the fields with emerald green lines is art, then farmers sweat like rain in the fields is art, and finally the village becomes a golden decoration? Is that not art?