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Nothing To See Here
  • Country/Area of ProductionPortugal
  • Language of DialoguePortuguese
  • Runtime16min
  • DirectorNicolas Bouchez
  • Type of WorkShort Documentary
  • ProducerVictor Candeias
At the periphery of Lisbon, stuck between the city’s beltway and the airport there is a place where nothing ever happens : Lumiar. In this pastel-coloured residential area, time feels suspended.The greatest full-moon eclipse of the year is about to happen, but it won’t be visible from there. A police officers stands in the middle of the road, with no traffic to control. The voice of a young girl in an intercom echoes through the streets. A missing cat walks around freely. A piano flies above a building. Through collages of micro-events, multilayered frames unfolding absurd situations, detailed soundscapes and playful choreographies of everyday life, the film invites the viewer to reconnect to a childlike sense of wonder and imagination, when boredom was a blessing. NOTHING TO SEE HERE is a daydreamt exploration of adormitory town, a celebration of the observers of daily life, those who enjoy looking at what’s in front of them, no matter what it is.