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Leisure Time – A Summer’s Day
  • Country/Area of ProductionDenmark
  • Language of DialogueDanish, English
  • Runtime30 min
  • DirectorAdam Paaske
  • Type of WorkShort Documentary
  • ProducerAdam Paaske
Ethnographic tableau comedy showing people at leisure in the setting of the ‘sommerhus’, a sort of summer residence popular in Denmark: A teenage girl treads water in an indoor swimming pool. An apathetic music duo. A bunch of drunk friends playing a nerve- wracking game of darts. A virtual reality exercising man in underpants. A woman meticulously recounting the daily life of her nervous Shih Tzu dog. And many other loafers in more or less bizarre scenarios make up Adam Paaske’s short film LEISURE TIME - A SUMMER’S DAY, an anthropological study of one of the cornerstones of Danish, white middle-and upper-class culture: the ‘sommerhus’.