The Pawnshop
  • Country/Area of ProductionPoland
  • Language of DialoguePolish
  • Runtime81 min
  • DirectorŁukasz Kowalski
  • Type of WorkFeature-Length Documentary
  • ProducerAnna Mazerant, Łukasz Kowalski
The humour is pitch-black and the cast a true pack of characters. You can find everything your heart desires in. second-hand toasters and DVD players at the second-  hand palace of the two choleric pawnbrokers, Jola. and Wiesiek, who run the largest pawn shop in Poland. But times are tough in the once bustling industrial town, and bankruptcy is looming until Jola and Wiesiek come up with a fresh idea to save the business and give the locals new hope for the town. THE PAWNSHOP is a darkly funny docu-comedy with a heart, and with moments of genuine caring. The two proprietors see fit to give a homeless man a bowl of soup and a job shovelling snow, amid all the very low-level conflicts that surround them in their surreal Wunderkammer of a shop.