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The Great Void
  • Country/Area of ProductionGermany
  • Language of DialogueDeutsch
  • Runtime86min
  • DirectorSebastian Mez
  • Type of WorkFeature-Length Documentary
  • ProducerMaximilian Haslberger, Balthasar Busmann
On a mysterious crackling magnetic tape, a ‘viewer’ discovers shaky, low-definition images, which seem to have been shot during a moon landing. It is as if we had just landed on another planet, the deserted landscapes of which, seem nonetheless familiar to us and encircled by a worrying strangeness. Traces of the past remain: rusty machines, pylons, human artefacts that multiply as the cameraman approaches what were towns, now plunged into absolute and silent desolation. Composing a series of magnificently framed scenes, emptied of all living presence, the film observes without blinking the agony of our civilization. No more, no less.