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Kids on the Silk Road
  • Country/Area of ProductionDenmark
  • Language of Dialogue(Variety of local languages) Chinese, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Burmese, Uzbek
  • Runtime23 min
  • DirectorCamilla Magid, Jens Pedersen, Kaspar Astrup Schröder, Simon Lereng Wilmont
  • Type of WorkDocumentary Series(5 Episodes)
  • ProducerMaria Stevnbak Westergren

Each episode tells the story of a teenager’s pursuit of his/her passion, ambition and dream, be it a Chinese boy playing the lead role as the Monkey King in one of China’s most important theaters, an Azerbaijani village boy learning to train pigeons in the oil fields, a Georgian girl teaching a group of disabled children traditional dancing, a Burmese village girl earning good Karma by shaving her own hair and leaving her family, or a Uzbekistani boy aspiring to become the Strongman in his family’s circus troupe.